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As PAAC turns two and a half years old (already!), there are more ways to connect with other PAACsters than ever. PAAC has officially launched Diverging Magazine, a brand new online publication featuring content specific to the PAAC community. In today’s episode, Liz and David talk to Aimee Sher, the editor-in-chief of Diverging, to discuss what Diverging is, and why this was such a personal project for her. Then Liz gives an inside peek into what’s in store in the upcoming PAAC Conference, describing in detail what attendees can expect over the weekend. Thank you Aimee for joining us on this episode. And thank you all for listening!
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  • David (he/him) has been producing the PAAC podcast since 2017. He lives with his family in Southern California. His other podcast is called What Just Happened?