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We’re thrilled to be back for the second season of the PAAC podcast! Lydia catches us up on her adventures overseas, and then we dive into our main topic of the day, the Las Vegas shooting. Shortly after the attack, Bill O’Reilly said mass shootings were “the price of freedom.” What does that mean, exactly? Remember in the Hunger Games movies, where each district had to sacrifice someone as a “tribute,” essentially to die for the sake of their country? We seem to live in a country where each and every one of us, whether we like it or not, is required to potentially give our lives as tribute in order to protect an extreme, twisted interpretation of the Second Amendment. Today on the show, we ask how we can begin to change the narrative on gun control and whether there is such a thing as a “Christian” position on guns.

(Also, this is the first episode where we need to add the E for explicit warning tag!)

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