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Day 32 – Church

“Let’s go worship at church.”

It’s funny how this phrase has two completely different meanings depending on which community I’m in. Uttered in my bible study group it refers to sitting in rows singing praise songs in a converted office building on a Sunday morning. Uttered in my gay dodgeball team (we’re called the Deep Throwers) it refers to dancing to pop and dance music Saturday night on the crowded dance floor at Saloon, a local gay bar downtown.

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Holding Spaces [Sacred & Profane] – Intro to Liturgy

The Liturgy section of Diverging Magazine is where we publicly explore the multi-faceted and creative faith expressions of worship within the PAAC community. Here, we will have all kinds of pieces—from theological musings and visual/mixed-media artist reflections, to poetry and fiction stories to ponder, dream, and reimagine how we can communally respond to the world around us.

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