Instant noodles to the rescue!

[loud slurping noises]

Ah, instant noodles on a cold day … and when you’re practicing social distancing? The stores might be out of instant ramen but we found some noodles to slurp up with our third minisoda. Christina and Pauline dive into all things coronavirus, whether we’re thinking about past epidemics in Asia or what the situation is like now in the US. Featuring brief homages to therapy and pizza, as you do. Stay safe out there.

A thing we didn’t mention is that we believe in tipping restaurant staff well! It’s ridiculous that they’re not paid well enough and have to rely on tips. So if you’re at a restaurant in a culture that tips, please do! Especially now because in Seattle, where restaurants can only do take out, business has nosedived and restaurants need your help!

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