Mickey’s low-carb pancit: Mushroom noodles, chicken, carrots, celery, watercrest, seasoned with soy sauce, fish sauce, and afritada soup base.

[cw: body image; please note that the slurs of ‘banana’ and ‘coconut’ appear in this minisoda]

What are new ‘norms’ that you want to continue after this pandemic? For Mickey, it’s making sure to spend more time with his family. On this quarantine minisoda, Mickey invites his younger brother Jonathan to share a spoken word poem about decolonizing his racial identity. The brothers talk about Jon’s journey, art, being brown, their upbringing, and their hopes for the future.

Additionally, Mickey has an announcements for you snaccs! We hope that you are keeping safe and are doing well. We wish you health and peace in these uncertain times. We are here for you!

Note: Mickey refers to events that happened virtually at the end of the episode. His family follows strict physical distancing protocols.

Transcripts of Jonathan’s Poem 

What narrative am I representing
If it’s my heritage than I’m resenting?
I’ve identified as those who
colonized my folks
Brown from head to toe,
but inside I’m hollow like a coconut
No longer shall I follow but
Educate the foes of the oppressed
the ones who take from less
Cuz i’m been blessed with opportunity
but rejected my parents
How is that fair, when they’ve
struggled with so much
Mom and pops working 9 to 5
to barely make enough
Leaving the island in hopes
for a life of lavish and lush
My success won’t be measured as such
It’ll come from understanding the resilience of the PI
The strength of it’s people and the source of it’s pride
The one’s who kissed Magellan goodbye
Survivor’s of the cowboys, the pirates, and the samurai
Harmonized not colonized
My slanted eyes don’t make my vision wide
They make my vision large
And if how far I go is measured, but how
much I know then I pray for growth
With my roots in the sand
I leaf my hands up in hope
That I reap what I sow
May my ulo be wise
and my puso be whole
From the churches to the street
From the mountains to the beach
I’m praying for my peeps
God bless the Phillipines

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