Today’s reading: John 7:25-36

OpeningJesus, we welcome you and we sit with you this day.
Holy Divine Creator, you are God above all. You are God who exists as three in one. You are God who is beyond our understanding and comprehension. You are beyond our human definitions and even words. You are Infinite. You are “I AM”. God, we ask for you to show us more of who you are. We ask for our faith to be stretched.
Holy Spirit, guide us as we enter.

ReflectionThe crowds following Jesus once again are arguing about the identity of the Messiah. They argue about how Jesus could not possibly be the Savior, based on his class, birthplace, teachings, and so on. The underlying question of their argument, however, is one that the crowds have been asking all along: Who is Jesus?

The question itself is quite productive. The question of “who is Jesus” is actually endless and one I think frequently about these days. But the question is only productive if we are willing to listen.

Instead of listening to Jesus’ reply the crowds talk over Him. Some of the people profess their doubts while others profess their faith. Regardless, no one is actually listening to what Jesus is saying. They ask questions, but do not listen to answers. The crowds and the disciples project their own understanding of who Jesus “should” be.

And yet Jesus chooses to engage. He chooses to lovingly, patiently, and firmly engage with a people who are not interested in listening.

Jesus chose to engage. Jesus chose to speak and to challenge because he loved the crowds too much to leave them as they were. He chose to push the boundaries of what they believed.

Just as Jesus desired for the crowds’ freedom, Jesus desires for us to have a faith that engages with the mystery of who God is.

Jesus is willing to engage with us, in both our doubt and in our faith. The question is, will we choose to listen?

ClosingSo, who is Jesus to you? Take a few minutes of silence and listen to what God may be saying to you.

Created by: Cal Hsiao
About the author: Cal is a part-time campus minister, part-time barista, and part-time seminary student based in St. Louis, Missouri (yes there are Asian people in Missouri) who loves books, films, photography and sometimes other humans. She also freelances as a photographer/videographer and enjoys deep conversations, long hikes, and quietly plotting the end of the world.

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Image by: Ryoji Iwata