Today’s Reading

耶 穌 哭 了

Jesus began to weep.

–John 約 翰 福 音 11:35

Please meditate on the illustration below as we reflect on sacred within the profane, profane within the sacred this week.

A digital painting of Jesus weeping. The colors are muted red, dusty brown, with highlights of blush tan.
Artwork by Daniel Yu
Painting, 2019

  • Daniel (he/him is a junior in high school and serves as an small group leader for his 8th grade kids in his Chinese church's youth group! In the past, although he went to church (like many other kids), be always wanted to stay home or do something else instead but he was also quite isolated. But as he heard more about Jesus, it lead him to participate in church more genuinely and with passion. At church, Daniel found a community that provided representation, with role models to look up to, love him, best of all, and grow in his understanding of Christ.