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After hitting some very heavy topics in recent episodes, the three of us are taking a little breather and chatting about lighter fare. We talk about our plans for the future, Lydia shares what life has been like in Singapore, Liz explains why the food scene in Los Angeles is superior to her own Bay Area’s (gasp!), and David can’t decide whether the new single, “Likey,” by K-pop girl group Twice is racist. Thanks for listening, safe travels, and Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

Mello Soul – Lost in the Clouds
Twice – Likey (instrumental)

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Twice’s “Likey” –

“I love the Bay, but I have to admit, the Chinese food in the 626 [i.e., L.A.’s San Gabriel Valley] is unrivaled. From countless Hong Kong cafes open to 4a, quirky and hip boba shops, reliable tea chains, mom and pop hole-in-the-walls, to legit famous restaurants from China/Taiwan testing in LA, the 626 beats SF’s Chinatown and Sunset by far. LA WINS. Don’t fight it.” – Phil Wang (Wong Fu Productions)

“Let some people get rich first.” – Deng Xiaoping