I could never split myself in two.

Two is not a perfect number.

Where do you come from?

In my mind, when I am the most tired and sad,

I tell myself

I want to go home

Because thats where I come from.

Out in California, they know what I am.

In the Deep South, they ask, what am I?

Ive been told that where Im from, is supposed

to be a place.


I think its supposed to be a state, a state of being.

Who I am today will be where Im from tomorrow.

In Georgia, people ask, What are you?

In California, people ask: Where are you from?

They know what I am, they just dont know how I got here.


Here I am.


Created by: Esther Lu

About the Author: Esther has led and participated in grassroots community learning projects in: Taiwan, Japan, Thailand , Myanmar and Laos. She has moved over fifteen times in her life, including five cities across California and two rural towns in the Deep South of Georgia. She has since surrendered this nomadic life and has planted some roots in the South Bay (Northern California).

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