To round out our blockbuster month of first dates and worst dates, here’s a crowd-sourced party post of dating stories. Enjoy the schadenfreude but please refrain from trying to guess (publicly or privately) who wrote each story, unless the author chooses to reveal themselves.

  • this guy was visiting the area and messaged me. i went over to his hotel, and we enjoyed a great night of equal parts hooking up and talking about queerness, faith, race. i then found out he’s a part of paac. nothing more came out of this besides that night, so aunties can relax!
  • i don’t know if this person considers what we did dating but what would be our first date, i took him to church and then to a community group after. unknowingly, i brought him when our discussion was about sex – polyamory, threesomes, queerness. i was embarrassed.
  • we went to a board game cafe. we play photosynthesis. he ended up winning by eleven points or so. on our way back to the car, i told him it sucks that i lost the kissing bet (there was no bet). i was making out with a queer black man on the streets in a pretty white neighborhood!
  • i put a ‘ban’ on dating white people for a while, but this person brought me to an mlk seminar and then we went for drinks after. it was really nice, and set the bar for dating white people!
  • one of the saddest i’ve been on was this one guy dragging me to an underwear store, trying a pair on, and after he changed back, telling me he only sees me as a friend.
  • i went on a date with a female paac. she was definitely nice, and really sweet and is a total catch. it happened to be my last str8 date. we are still friends tho!
  • all the dates i was ghosted
  • We became a bit distant via text over the holidays but still had our rock climbing date in January. (He’s a rock climbing pro, and it was my first time.) I was so bad that he eventually stopped trying to help me, moved elsewhere on the bouldering wall, and ghosted me afterward.
  • i’m in the season of ‘masturdating’ which means that i am dating myself right now. nayyirah waheed has said that ‘you and you’ is the most important relationship. my favorite dates with myself have been when i’ve gotten my eyebrows threaded and a haircut and i find myself cute.
  • First date was fine––Gave me a box of chocolates and it was nice. Went on a second date. It also went okay. Went on a third date. He brought me several of his MOST TREASURED CHILDHOOD TOYS like a fucking offering. No fourth date.
  • The dude kept trying to practice his Japanese on me all evening. I’m Korean.
  • During freshman year of college, I went on a GUYRAD with a cute, upperclassman from the Orientation team. We went on a hike, but ended up talking the whole time about another gal who was a mutual friend of his.

As I Am will be taking a break for the next few months as we observe Lent and celebrate Easter together. We’ll see you in April!

I’d also like to take this moment to announce that I (JDF) will be stepping down from the As I Am editors team in order to focus on my new role as Editor in Chief at Mochi magazine. Working with Chris, Katherine, and Lindsey on this beautiful experiment has been such a privilege. I also want to thank all our talented writers for sharing their stories with us. Reading your work has given me the confidence to write about my own identity and experiences as an Asian American. I will miss being part of the day to day operations of As I Am but look forward to reading future stories. Thanks for everything!