The SNACCs on a Google Meet call
A screenshot of the SNACCs on a Google Meet call

Season 2 of SPAAC SNACC kicks off in the “2020-iest” fashion – the SNACCs gather around a warm and bright Google Meet call with some delicious, easily prepared meals from their freezers as they rage about life. From poorly moderated Facebook groups to the current administration failing to protect international students, the SNACCs’ heat on this call might be all that they need to cook their meals. 

The SNACCs talk about an assortment of things that might trigger listeners. They ask that you take care of yourselves, drink water, and know that your rage is holy.

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Logo: Kellie Komorita-Martell
Audio production: Thomas Yang
Music: “Go” by Chucky Kim 
Hosted by: Diverging Magazine

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