A Zoom call screen shot of SPAAC SNACC host Pauline and SPAAC guest Kenji
SPAAC SNACC host Pauline and SPAAC guest Kenji

Washington state is still observing shelter in place, and over the past couple months, many of us have been staying connected through video calls. Inspired by this community building, the SNACCs called a couple members of Seattle PAAC who haven’t yet been on the podcast. 

First up, Pauline called Kenji Fujinaka, and they talked about “procrasti-baking” and the experience that brought Kenji to SPAAC. Then Christina spoke with Katya Nemec about her upbringing in Asia, the complexities of her identity and how it has shifted in different contexts in the US, as well as what is bringing her joy during the lockdown.

Thank you to Kenji and Katya for joining us on the podcast!

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