A full dining table set with dango, curry, seaweed soup, rice, japchae, and longanisaA dining table with most of the food eaten 

Which Asian noodle dish is “the best”? Your intrepid SNACCast takes on this controversial question in this episode. We have our contenders and we have a tournament bracket – which dish will prevail? Following an epic noodle battle, we talk about breathing, vitamins, and how to get a round ass. 

The recipe for mitarashi dango is below!

Mitarashi Dango – Rice Balls in Syrup

Adapted slightly from “Tokyo Cult Recipes” by Maori Murota

Makes 5 skewers (20 rice balls)
15 min prep time
10 min cook time

150g silken tofu
100g shiratama-ko (glutinous rice flour)

125ml water
40g raw sugar
3tb soy sauce
1tb mirin
1tb potato starch

Knead tofu and rice flour together creating a smooth dough and roll into logs. Divide 20 pieces into small balls. Cook balls in boiling water: once they rise to the surface, cook for a further 2 minutes. Transfer balls to bowl of cold water and then drain. Thread 4 balls onto a skewer if desired. Char surface on a wire grilling rack or like Aya, use a blowtorch (so fun)!

For the syrup, place all the ingredients in a saucepan, bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Reduce to low heat and continue to stir for another minute until the syrup becomes thick and clear. Roll the skewers in the syrup. Eat.

And the results for the bracket …

A bracket depicting sixteen noodle dishes, with the winner as somen!

Click for a better view!

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