A strawberry jam donut made by Family Donut sits on top of a small plate decorated in a blue and white floral design.
A strawberry jam donut from Family Donut, in Northgate, Seattle

Is there anything as beautiful as watching the birth of a donut? Not according to Thomas! For this holiday season, celebrate the birth of a holy child with a scrumptious holey dessert. In this episode, we talk about why it’s spelled ‘donut’ and ‘doughnut’, highlight its Asian American history, and share some of our favorite spots in Seattle. 

Links and Resources

On Ted Ngoy and the Cambodian American history of donuts:

Food & Wine: “How One Cambodian Refugee Started Southern California’s Donut Empire

Places mentioned:

Family Donut | Good Day Donuts | Mighty-O Donuts | Krispy Kreme | Donut Factory | Top Pot Doughnuts |General Porpoise | Mister Donut | Dochi | A1 Donut | Zuri’s Donutz | Raised Doughnuts | The Flour Box | Side Hustle Doughnuts

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Artwork: Kellie Komorita-Martell

Audio Production: Thomas Yang

Music: “Go” by Chucky Kim 

Hosted by: Diverging Magazine

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