Several years ago, Dr. David Congdon published a series of posts on his blog in support of the idea of Christian universalism. Recently, David published a book called “The God Who Saves,” where he sketches out his idea of God’s salvation an apocalyptic event rooted in the here and now, rather than a consequence that happens to us in the afterlife (which in his view may or may not exist).

Today’s episode is the first of what we hope will be a recurring series in the podcast where we talk to academics, theologians, and other thinkers about Christian theology from a progressive lens. Since many of us grew up rooted in childhoods where we were taught conservative doctrine, we wanted to provide a counter-balance that offers a fresh take on Christian principles. Thanks for listening!

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“This much is certain, that we have no theological right to set any sort of limits to the loving-kindness of God which has appeared in Jesus Christ. Our theological duty is to see and understand it as being still greater than we had seen before.” – Karl Barth

  • David (he/him) has been producing the PAAC podcast since 2017. He lives with his family in Southern California. His other podcast is called What Just Happened?