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[TW: Interracial, Asian female / white male relationships]

There are thread battles, and then there are thread battles. A few months ago someone posted a seemingly casual remark in the FB group celebrating the fact that Henry Golding got to play Blake Lively’s husband in the movie “A Simple Favor.” While appearing innocuous, Liz suspected it would lead to a “dumpster fire” — which it did. In this episode, Chris, Liz, and David wade into the discussion of why the topic of Asian female / white male dating can be so heated and acrimonious, why even many progressive men still have some work to do to figure this out, and where we go from here. We wanted to especially thank Chris for his honesty and openness in this conversation. And thank you everyone for listening!


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“When an Asian man blames an Asian woman, it still just comes down to Asians blaming other Asians. And that is a very convenient state of affairs for those people who have done us wrong.” – Five Alive