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Good Friday

What’s so good about death? God faced death. Moving into the depth of human struggle, the darkest corners of the human experience, God died. Isn’t that about the sweetest expression of love? To go to your darkest places with...

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Lent Day 34 | Selah!

Today’s reading: Isaiah 41:18-20 Please meditate on the above song and dance as we synthesize our journey this past week and our theme, Isaiah 41:18-20. Created by: Hesed Kim “Up to the Mountain” by Patty...

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Lent Day 22 | Selah!

Today’s reading: Isaiah 41:18-20 Weeping into Praise We were fallen from the very the start And we will stumble til the end We store up gold to fill our empty hearts Our kingdoms rise to fall again All our sin and all our...

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