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Don’t Look Away: Insurrection on Epiphany

Late night on Tuesday, January 5, 2020, after holding my breath for several hours waiting to know the outcome of the Georgia runoffs, I sat in the dark in front of the Christmas tree, soaking its irresistible loveliness for a final few moments: its sculptural shape illuminated by carefully-arranged tiny twinkling lights; the combination of kitschy, exquisite, and child-made ornaments; the strands of cranberries; the origami garland my sister made for us this year. This tree gave me much joy this Advent and Christmas, its treasures filling my need for beauty and whimsy, as our local and broader communities creaked under the weight of politics, of the pandemic.

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Advent Season: Trust & Endure

Many of us are not passively waiting, but actively searching and advocating for ourselves and for others. And yet the longer our wait drags on, the harder it is to keep waiting. We realize that our efforts can only get us so far—there is only so much in our control. Waiting is exhausting.

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Do, Redo, & Do Better: Steps to Living Justly

“Living justly” can be such a grand idea that we can’t begin to know how to approach it. Over the last few weeks, there have been calls to protest, to learn, to donate, and to talk to our families and friends to build a more just society. All those things are good and necessary. Keep doing those things. And, what else can we do? We can start by taking baby steps to reducing harm.

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A Letter to Our Black Siblings, in Solidarity

To our beloved Black siblings, On this day, June 1st, 2020, we write to express our solidarity with you. In the past weeks, we witnessed the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and too many others. We then witnessed the escalating violence that the police have perpetuated in our shared communities, while people gathered and risked their lives to protest the ongoing police brutality with which this nation continues to reckon.

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