SPAAC SNACC now comes with Banchan! – a new minisoda series where we provide commentary on the drama in social media food discourse and dig deeper into conversations on food, identity, and social justice. We will also be using this space to share news on the food scene in Seattle, where we’re based. 

This inaugural episode is a special double feature. In the first segment, Pauline and Christina talk about the Twitter storm that brewed over Hainan Chicken Rice, and bid sad farewells to a beloved restaurant in Capitol Hill before dishing on some newcomers to the International District. Jenny and Thomas round off the episode with a thoughtful, reflective segment on voting and the elections that are happening as we speak. 

Post-show notes: 
Suika lives on at both Tamari Bar and Rondo, which are in Capitol Hill <3
The other Korean dessert place that Christina mentions is Kakigori Dessert Cafe, which is located in the Central District.
Another Korean place in the International District is a corn dog place! ChungChun Rice Hot Dog has some fun and nostalgic flavors.

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