Author: Stella Won Phelps

Navigating Jesus & Boundaries, Part I

Though this passage is attributed to Paul, it echoes the radical love we see preached by Jesus in everything attributed to Him in the Bible. We’re told to love unconditionally, to give everything and then everything again, to take hatred and turn it around by offering the other cheek.

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PersPAACtives: Between Two Worlds

I graduated early from UC Davis with two bachelors in Psychology and Human Development with ambitions of pursuing a PhD in developmental psychology. I was volunteering in student research labs and about to apply to doctoral programs when everything, including my health, came to a halt.

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PersPAACtives: Fragments

A young boy you know well cautiously walks into a classroom. Arranging his pencils, he glances over at the card positioned on the corner of his desk. He thinks his name looks a bit strange in cursive. Some of the kids look inquisitively at his last name. A few think it’s funny, and a few think it’s really cool. Most don’t seem to care.

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Letter: Living Justice

The religion I knew while growing up was about being right(eous), and I believed it was the only way to do religion. It didn’t sit well with me at times, but I didn’t know there were alternatives. I thought the Good News was that some of us, if we believed (and were very good but it wasn’t our goodness that saved us but we still had to be very good), we would be “saved.” The only thing that mattered in eternity was how right we were in our beliefs. Putting an end to injustice on earth wasn’t as important as convincing people of how certain we were that we were right(eous).

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A Change of Plans

In January 2017, I was in deep in wedding planning mode. We were trying to save money on a DJ and trying to make decisions on some truly mundane choices. Should “Don’t Stop Believing” be at the beginning to get people on the dance floor or at the end as a final send off? Who can I trust to operate an iPhone to play “Concerning Hobbits” as my fiancée walks down the aisle, who will know how to fade out the volume at the correct time?

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