Author: David Chang

Just Smash it Down a Little (Ep. 50)

In the last episode, Melissa and Serena Cerezo-Poon shared their conception journey. In today’s episode, we fast forward to parenting. How are Serena and Melissa raising their child? How do they handle division of labor or...

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Moral Injury (Ep. 48)

cw: language, racism  When Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock was riding the school bus in first grade, a girl stabbed her in the back of her head with a pencil and said, “Don’t you ever do that again to me, you dirty...

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An Insult to God (Ep. 47)

Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock was the first Asian American woman to earn a doctorate in theology. As Liz notes in this episode, she is one of the godmothers of the Progressive Asian American Christian movement. In this wide ranging...

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Letter: PAAC Podcast

I’m terrified of making cold calls, so it was with no small amount of fear and trembling that I reached out to Lydia and Liz to ask if they were interested in making a podcast.

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