Author: Kimberly Mark

Do, Redo, & Do Better: Steps to Living Justly

“Living justly” can be such a grand idea that we can’t begin to know how to approach it. Over the last few weeks, there have been calls to protest, to learn, to donate, and to talk to our families and friends to build a more just society. All those things are good and necessary. Keep doing those things. And, what else can we do? We can start by taking baby steps to reducing harm.

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Dear God, we f*cked up.

America has long used scripture (with buy-in from its church) to oppress its people. I have been brainwashed into believing the myth of American History as written by white men. I have been conned into buying the facade of the American Dream as painted by white men. As an Asian American Christian, white-adjacent model minority and simultaneous perpetual other, I have often been complicit in upholding this intricately woven (and incredibly strong!) web of lies upon which American society stands.

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