Author: Henry Kuo

Advent 2019 – Day 19 – The Patience to Let Justice Grow

A few weeks ago I returned to Malaysia to visit family, and – lo and behold! – discovered that my mom had planted three coconut trees in the front yard. The coconuts require lots of tender, loving care, demanding precise amounts of fertilizing for a few years before it can bear fruit, before we can enjoy cooling, sweet, fresh coconut!

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Day 20 – In the Space of Waiting

These are the opening words to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a popular Chinese novel dating to the 14th century and was attributed to the playwright Luo Guangzhong. Indeed, these words prove to be a prophetic summary to the history of China, a history oscillating between deep divisions that enabled corruption to fester in society, and oppressive unities that purchased oneness at the price of warfare and policing.

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