This Advent season we find ourselves waiting on many things…

Waiting for the pandemic to end

Waiting for healing of bodies, heartache, relationships

Waiting for financial relief

Waiting for a change in our government

Waiting for justice for Breonna Taylor and many others

Waiting ultimately for Jesus’ return to restore and renew all things

Many of us are not passively waiting, but actively searching and advocating for ourselves and for others. And yet the longer our wait drags on, the harder it is to keep waiting. We realize that our efforts can only get us so far—there is only so much in our control. Waiting is exhausting.

But we must keep waiting and search and advocating, lest we forget and disdain the waiting and the sacrifices of our ancestors that gave us the freedoms and privileges we enjoy today. We must keep waiting and searching and advocating for the sake of our children and those coming after us. We must keep waiting and searching and advocating for our own sake and to experience the Shalom God desires for us in our very lifetime, even in the midst of tragedy, injustice and brokenness.

I recently released an original worship song called “Trust and Endure” that I hope will encourage and strengthen you in your waiting. The lyrics were inspired by my own experiences of waiting; by the Psalms; and by the faith journeys of a good friend who has been waiting for years to be reunited with their deported spouse, as well as another educator friend who was fighting a long legal battle with a corrupt school system. May God meet and sustain all of us as we trust and endure.

You can stream or download “Trust and Endure” here

Download the Sheet Music here.

Please email Gloria at for usage permissions if you would like to use the song in a worship service or in another context.

  • Gloria (she/her) is a 2nd generation Taiwanese American songwriter and worship leader based in Los Angeles and originally from New Jersey. She is passionate about decolonizing worship and helping Asian American communities develop contextualized worship music and liturgy. Gloria is the Worship Director of HA:N UMC, a PAAC church in NYC. She was also the worship leader of the inaugural PAAC Conference in 2017. In 2016 Gloria released her debut original worship album called “Remain in Your Love,” which sounds like Kari Jobe meets Lauryn Hill. Gloria is working toward a Certificate of Christian Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary and was named a Lovelace Scholar in 2019 by the Hymn Society of the United States and Canada. You can connect with her on Instagram and Facebook (@glofanmusic). Learn more about Gloria at