Light in the Forest by Adeline Ducker
Watercolor, 2018

Holy God,
We rest at the foot of Your fountain
With nothing much besides worn spirits.

You say
Come all who are weary–
We’re here.


Entangled within decaying systems
We await the advent of the only One
Who can uproot a culture of injustice

To end every form of oppression
Heal every state of brokenness
And to make all things new.


Generation upon generation, together
Wielding plowshares in place of swords
We are chipping away at the walls of hostility.

Until one day every shard 
Once pulsating with the appearance of control, lies dull
And the Way emerges again.

Reader Response

May we in this season of Advent yearn for the restoration of people, communities, and systems through Christ and actively seek to take part in that fulfillment. 

  • Melody (she/hers) am a Taiwanese-American daughter of immigrants and born and raised in the Bay Area. She like libraries, juicy plums, and playing music with her partner.