Diverging Magazine is published by the Progressive Asian American Christians (PAAC) community. We are dedicated to disrupting existing narratives of American Christianity and sharing unique viewpoints of our diverse community.

We publish several kinds of content here at Diverging. To pitch a piece, please contact the appropriate vertical editor directly.

  • Liturgy is where we publicly explore the multi-faceted and creative faith expressions of worship within the PAAC community. Here, we will have everything from theological musings and visual/mixed-media artist reflections, to poetry and fiction stories to ponder, dream, and reimagine how we can communally respond to the world around us. (Edited by Symphony Chau. liturgy@divergingmag.com)
  • As I Am is a unique collaboration of PAAC writers. Together, our writers explore broad themes related to our identities as Progressive Asian American Christians. “Who are we? Where are we going? What do we have to say?”  We give shape to these questions through the act of written creation. All forms of writing are welcome. (Edited by Christopher Paek and Katherine Kwong. asiam@divergingmag.com)
  • The PAAC Podcast examines current events, race, and theology from PAAC perspectives. We also interview PAAC members about their spiritual and professional journeys. (Produced by David Chang and Liz Lin. podcast@divergingmag.com)
  • Living Justice is a space where we highlight the justice work PAAC members do, diving into the personal and theological motivations behind their work. We’ll explore the many different paths justice can take and how PAAC community members are bringing their faith to life by advancing justice in its myriad of forms. (Edited by Virginia Duan. livingjustice@divergingmag.com)
  • Vigilaunties is life advice from the most salty and lit members of PAAC: the Vigilaunties and Vigiluncles. (The Bible tells us to be salt and light, right?) No question is too big or too small. (Edited by Jennifer Duann Fultz. To ask a question, please email vigilaunties@divergingmag.com)