When the ordinary is too much to bear
and the days have bled one into another,
when the to-do list is too long
and everywhere we look seems to demand
more than we can give,

              Lord In Your Mercy
Hear Our Prayer

We are dust
We wipe it from our furniture
and our tired eyes.
There is so much to do
and, at times, so little that seems worthy

                Lord In Your Mercy
Hear Our Prayer

We ask, O Lord, in these sigh-inducing, painful, moments
that you might hold and comfort us as a cool breeze caresses a flushed face.
Lift our eyes up beyond the mountains
For their our help comes.

                Christ In Your Mercy
Hear Our Prayer

When our tasks are Sisyphean
May we remember
You love Martha
You love the elder brother of the prodigal son
And though their stories are a caution against
bitterness and self-righteousness
May their imperfect lives remind us that we too
are proud, hard-working, sinners for whom Your grace is abundant

                 Holy Spirit In Your Mercy
Hear Our Prayer

Remind us of the beauty we create
Remind us of the hospitality we extend
Remind us of the Image we bear

Our work is not futile
Our work does not own us
You Oh Lord, love us, without all our accomplishments

And one day, you will make all things new.


  • Katherine Kwong is a curious creator based in Brooklyn. When she isn't helping customers at Warby Parker, she's interviewing people about their favorite children's books for her in-process podcast. She appreciates a beautiful bookstore, the Diverging Editorial Staff, and well-sharpened pencils