Trigger Warning: Spiritual and Emotional Abuse; Purity Culture

Act 1: Membership Class at Church

Scene 1: Membership Class

Scene 2: Members’ Gossip

Scene 3: Rebuke

Act 2: Counseling Scheduling Office

Scene 1: Making an Appointment

Scene 2: Meeting Love


Fidel: Pastor

Martha: New Member/Enabler

Joy: Leader

Tom: Skeptical Member

Casy: New Member

Angel: New Member

Love: Counselor

Act 1: Membership Class at Church

Scene 1: Membership Class

Fidel is leading a membership Class. Joy is facilitating it. Tom and Martha are new members.

Fidel: Just go ahead and write down in the box how much you earn on average per month. That way, we’ll know how much to look out for in your monthly tithe.

Tom: Okay.

Fidel: Also, don’t forget to take out 10% from your housing stipend if you get one. For example, if you make 2,100,000 KRW per month and are given 400,000 KRW for housing, you would want to tithe 250,000 KRW. Not 210,000 KRW.

Tom: Oh…

Fidel: Yes. And if you aren’t able to give, or are late, we will go ahead and check in with you. If you don’t tithe for two months straight, your membership will be cancelled.

Martha: But if we don’t tithe for just one month… we will be okay, right?

Fidel: That’s really between you and God. Everything we practice here is biblical. If you look at Malachi 3, there is an actual curse on the land because of the lack of tithing. That’s why we do it.

Martha: That makes sense.

Joy: I’m so excited to be part of a church that keeps track of these things. That way I know we are all buying in and there are no freeloaders.

Tom: That’s true… (To himself) but something about this just doesn’t feel right

Fidel: We will always send you a confirmation message to let you know that we’ve received your tithe… So don’t worry at all about that.

Martha, Joy, and Tom: Okay.

Fidel: Okay. So, let’s go over the most important aspects of today’s membership class so we can go ahead and get you all sworn in this coming Sunday. How many consecutive absences can you have before your membership is revoked?

Martha: 6.

Fidel: That’s right, Martha! 6 absences before a revoked membership. Remember, this is not to harm you. The rule is there so that we can check in and basically phase you out in the event that your participation shows that you don’t want to be a part of this community.

Fidel: Let’s see… What should you do for every uploaded sermon by one of the head pastors?

Joy: We have to put on a detailed comment that shows that we digested the message. We should also write several statements talking about the most important aspects and how it applies to our lives.

Fidel: That’s right, Joy! And how long should it be?

Joy: It shouldn’t be too short, but it shouldn’t an essay. Like a solid paragraph or more.

Fidel: And where do you post those comments?

Joy: On the public facebook page. You can just see where everyone else is posting their comments.

Fidel: Good. Good. Alright, now let’s go to the most important piece of today’s membership class: Restoration. Who can tell me what restoration is?

Tom: Restoration is a process of bringing someone back to wholeness when they’ve fallen into sin.

Fidel: And what reasons would cause someone to get into restoration?

Tom: Um…

Fidel: Well, first of all… Restoration is not something that is initiated lightly. We have a process where members are first approached about their misconduct. In the case of stubbornness, or rebellion, the chances of restoration are a lot higher. That’s why it’s best to just ‘fess up about any sins you’ve been involved in. Now what are the big things that might cause a rebuke?

Tom: I think it might be sexual…

Martha: I know. It’s sexual sin. Not masturbation, but oral sex. Of course, anything beyond that would be cause for restoration. It also is case by case, I heard.

Fidel: That’s right! It is definitely case by case, so I don’t want any of you freaking about any of this.

Tom: What else might we get put on restoration for?

Fidel: The main thing we look for, which may also be a case for removal is divisiveness. Deliberately maligning the leaders, especially the head pastor, would be a cause for dismissal from our community. But in cases where there is contrition, we may be able to put them on restoration.

Fidel: Well, that’s about all the time we have for today. Hope you enjoy it out there. Please be careful going down the hill with all the rain. Let’s also be quiet and mindful of our volume as we walk down the neighborhood.

Scene 2: Members’ Gossip

At Casy’s house

Casy: How was the membership class for you all?

Tom: I thought it was pretty good. I love how the church keeps a strong record of everything and how their expectations are clear. It sort of makes me feel safe in a way.

Angel: But did you hear about the Dating Protocol?

Tom: Yeah, I’ve heard of it. But I think it’s a good thing. I mean, we all know the expats struggle with temptation living out here in Korea. Expats in Korea need a lot of accountability.

Angel: That’s a good point. Thanks for sharing that, Tom… But do you think it’s weird that people have to be secretive about dating when they start?

Martha: Isn’t that to protect the community in the event it doesn’t work out?

Angel: It just all feels like so much pressure to me. It’s a bit too much. What if it doesn’t work out? Is it always supposed to work out? I’ve heard you even have to write reports about your dates so that the pastors can check. Isn’t that a bit much?

Tom: It’s probably just their way of checking and making sure everything is accountable. Accountability is a huge need for men in the church.

Casy: What I want to talk about is the freaking End Times thing. Do you all really think that we need to plan our finances based on this prediction that it could happen soon?

Everyone: It’s probably good just to be safe.

Tom: I just bought like 20 gallons of water, boxes of batteries, and nonperishable items, like canned tuna, and ramen.

Martha: And toilet paper. Goodness, toilet paper is so important.

Angel: Is anyone else going to actually pull out stocks?

Tom: I am. Just in case. It seems like the Pastor is on to something.

Angel: Wait, wait, wait. I need to ask Tom about something. Tom, don’t you have something to tell us? Angel winks.

Tom: What are you talking about?

Angel: Oh, come on. So… Did you ask Jasmine out on a date?

Tom: Oh… that. Well, I asked P. Fidel. He said that he would check to see if Jasmine is in season and whether I can ask her out on a first date.

Angel: In season? Do girls have to be in season? Would the pastors even tell us if we’re in season? I’m probably not even in season.

Tom: Yeah… well, you know. Like guys, we have to have 10,000,000KRW saved up and stuff before asking a girl out. It just shows that we can be serious if we want to be.

Martha: That’s weird.

Angel: I mean, I get it, but it’s a little bit much. Well? What about Jasmine?

Tom: I’m waiting on P Fidel. I mean, I can’t just ask… maybe I should check my e-mail. Looks at phone.

Tom: Oh wait… oh shoot oh shoot… oh shoot. Reads e-mail.

Tom: I got the green light. P Fidel asked P Adam and they said that I can ask Jasmine out! Whaaaaattttttttttttttt…. Spins around in a daze.

Martha / Angel: Eeeeeeeeek!

Casy: Dude, congrats!

Scene 3: Rebuke 

7 months later…

Fidel via Kakao: *Kakao* Hey, Tom. How are you doing. Are you free to catch up?

Tom via Kakao: Oh hey P Fidel. Sure, can you give me a few minutes?

Fidel via Kakao: *Kakao* Sure. Kakao video chat me in 5 minutes.

Tom via Kakao: Sure thing.

Video chat starts.

Fidel: Hey Tom! Thanks for talking. Are you alone? Is this your place?

Tom: Hey P Fidel. Yes, I’m alone. This is my place. Would you like to see it?

Fidel: Sure. Give me a little spin will you?

Tom: Well, that’s my bed, and my balcony, and a small kitchen. It isn’t much, but it’s a nice cozy place here in Seoul. I like it.

Fidel: Great! It looks pretty nice!… Listen, I wanted to talk to you. I know that we have been talking about your dates with Jasmine. You mentioned that it has been tempting to get physical, and that you all have made out a few times. You also mentioned that you touched her rear. I read your message from earlier about your trip to LA coming up. When did you plan that?

Tom: Oh right. Well, I just planned it two days ago. I was thinking of going to see Jasmine’s hometown and introduce her to my hometown as well. Just light stuff, nothing big.

Fidel: Listen Tom, I know that you’ve been struggling with depression and mental health. And on top of that, you all have really been riding a fine line between spiritual health and sin. I just think this trip is a bad idea. Is there any way that you can call it off?

Tom: Call it off? I mean, I’m scheduled to fly out later today.

Fidel: Right, you’re scheduled to fly out later today, but you only informed me two days ago of your plans. That’s not really that much time to react, and I don’t feel honored in the way that you’re going about this. Look – I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m not happy at all about this. I think it’s a bad idea.

Tom: Well, I’m sorry you feel that way. My plan is to go ahead and go through. I promise that I won’t get involved with Jasmine there.

Fidel: What’s the rooming situation? Are you staying in different places?

Tom: Well… sort of. We were gonna stay at each other’s homes. Obviously not in the same room.

Fidel: Okay, Tom. I’m gonna be very clear. 95% of people that have stayed in the same place when travelling have had oral sex or more. This is a stupid decision. We, as a church, cannot bless this move. Think about what people would think when they saw pictures of you on social media travelling together. So, if people ask me, did I bless Tom to go and travel with Jasmine, the answer is going to be ‘no’. I don’t want you posting on facebook any photos.

Tom: Okay, I won’t. I’ll book separate hotels.

Fidel: Okay, well, I just want to be clear, I don’t agree with this decision. I wish you had told me sooner. I don’t think it’s a good idea at all.

Tom: I understand.

Act 2: Counseling Scheduling Office

Scene 1: Making an Appointment

Sprite: Welcome to the counseling office.

Tom: Well, I’m an English speaker, and would like to request counseling in English if possible.

Sprite: Sure, there is an English counselor. Her name is Love. Would you like an appointment?

Tom: One more thing… Is there a Christian counselor? That’s actually kinda important to me.

Sprite: Oh! Actually, Love is a Christian, I think. She is, right? Yes! She is a Christian, so you should be all set! Your appointment is scheduled for next Monday at 1pm.

Tom: Awesome! Thank you so much. (Bows)

Scene 2: Meeting Love

Love: Hey Tom, it’s nice to see you today. What did you want to talk about today?

Tom: Well, first can we pray? I always like to start my sessions with prayers. It makes me feel like the Holy Spirit is guiding this session.

Love: Oh, absolutely.

Tom bows his head.


About the Author: Tom* spent several years living in South Korea. They originally went to Korea as an ESL teacher. Originally from California, they has since returned home to teach near Los Angeles.